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CHP in the News Autumn Payne-The Sacramento Bee

Officer Camilleri honored in Bell-Ringing Ceremony

CHP Officer Andrew Camilleri is honored at a bell-ringing ceremony signaling “end of watch” at the CHP Academy in Sacramento on Dec. 27, 2017.

CHP in the News California Highway Patrol

May you find magic in unexpected places. From CHP Facebook page.

May you find magic in unexpected places.

Have a safe and happy holiday season, from your California Highway Patrol.

CHP in the News John Lindsey-The Tribune

CHP air patrol, first responders help us in SLO County

One the most dangerous things we do every day is driving or riding in a vehicle. I don’t remember a week that has gone by that the paper didn’t have a story of someone who was either killed or severely injured in an automobile/motorcycle/bicycle accident on our highways. Many of us live in a paradigm of acceptance, including myself, of the carnage, that takes place on our roadways. We live in fear of a shark attack or flying in an aircraft when the mundane things — like driving — are usually the most dangerous.

CHP in the News Adam Ashton-The Sacramento Bee

CHP pink patches raises $60K for American Cancer Society

California’s thin blue line raised a lot of green by going pink for the American Cancer Society.

CHP in the News S.L. Fuller-Rotor & Wing International

From Coast to Desert: California Highway Patrol’s Air Ops Serves Diverse State

California Highway Patrol’s Air Operations Program has spent 2017 in the headlines so far. At the end of January, the unit’s rotorcraft performed two hoist rescue missions in one day in San Francisco’s Bay Area. Then in February, its rotorcraft were on the scene as the Oroville Dam threatened mass flooding.

CHP in the News Elias

Inside job: Media ‘Boot Camp’ provides insight to CHP life

You’ve received reports of suspicious activity going on behind the DMV office. You arrive to find a man with his head down mumbling to himself. When he looks up to notice that the person who is approaching is an armed officer of the law, the man pulls a knife on himself and eventually threatens you, the responding officer, with the knife.